Introduction To Chiropractic & Spinal Health

Introduction To Chiropractic & Spinal Health

Hey everyone, Dr. Alessio here at In8 wellness center and today we will dive into spinal health and why it is important. To take care of your spine means to take care of your entire body.

I want you to think of your spine as the lifeline of your body that supports you through every move and every challenge throughout your life. Yet how often do you consider how the health of your spine relates to your overall well-being? This is where chiropractic care comes into play. Chiropractic care is about total health and well-being—to help you feel great and to get the most out of life while you function at your most optimal.

If you look at the spine it is not just a tall stack of bones. These vertebrae are key players in your mobility, flexibility, and home to your central nervous system. Your backbone also acts as a suit of armor to protect the spinal cord and is made up of segments so it can bend and move naturally. A spinal segment is comprised of two bones and a disc in between them that acts as a cushion. This cushion also offers space for your nerves to exit your spinal column to get where they need to go—such as your major organs and muscles.

There is a lot that happens underneath this suit of armor! Messages travel from around the body, up the spinal cord, and into the brain to be processed. These messages are then sent back down the spinal cord to tell the body how to respond.

Sometimes our daily activities, such as poor posture, a sports injury, a fall, and stress can gradually or suddenly impair the function of our spine. The result of these everyday stressors affects the flow of communication between the nervous system and the body potentially causing this information to be delivered inaccurately to the brain or not at all. When miscommunication occurs due to abnormal movements of the spine, we as chiropractors call this a vertebral subluxation. By making fast, gentle adjustments to the spine we can restore its natural movement to improve the overall performance of the nervous system’s communication with the body. Without proper care and movement everyday activities can lead to discomfort, pain, and limit our mobility and potentially disrupt proper organ function.

The good news: it does not have to be this way. The journey to a healthier spine starts with awareness, understanding, and taking action every day. As I said before, chiropractic care is about total health and well-being. I want you to feel great and function at your most optimal, so click Here to book your appointment with me today!


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