Our Purpose

Our purpose is to serve our clients by delivering the most value of any health-care practice in our community. We do this by having the most cutting-edge tools, education, and professional services designed to transform lives and revolutionize health of our clients and their families.

What makes our practice so unique is that we do not let your insurance dictate the quantity, or quality of your care. We do not have cookie-cutter plans or give you unnecessary products or services just to make money. We have affordable fees for our customized plans based on your wants and needs in order to get you the results that you are looking for.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Ryan Hewitt, Chiropractor

Hi! My name is Dr. Ryan Hewitt. I appreciate you taking the time to read up on our world-class wellness centers! Some of the things I feel are the most important that you should know about me is first and foremost that I care tremendously about this community, and I spend every day somehow trying to make a positive impact. That is the honest truth. I am very passionate about helping people reclaim their health so they can live the lives that they were designed to live.


Dr. Riley Fake, Chiropractor

Dr. Riley Fake is a Rochester, NY native who moved to Boston to pursue her healing career in 2018. She received her Bachelors in Exercise Science and Strength & Conditioning from Springfield College before receiving her Doctor of Chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College. Dr. Riley Fake has experience treating anyone and everyone from infants, to athletes, to special populations and our nation’s veterans. Dr. Riley’s treatments include diversified adjustments, drop table technique, rehab, exercises and preventative care. She is passionate about exercise and wellness, and enjoys doing anything active, especially with her dog JoJo!


Dr. Alessio Angiolilli, Chiropractor

Dr. Alessio Angiolilli, certainly a passionate individual for all things health and wellness pursued his doctorate in chiropractic at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minnesota. Before obtaining his doctorate, he worked as a strength & conditioning coach for 10 years here in Massachusetts. Alessio believes that the key to a long and healthy life lies in movement, good nutrition, and strong relationships. This belief motivates him to be a perennial learner where he dedicates his free time to continuous personal development just so he can acquire the tools necessary to positively impact those around him. Other passions Alessio has included the outdoors, educating & inspiring others, and cooking.

Evelyn Tustin, Office Manager

My position in the office is to communicate closely with our patients – to help serve &transform their lives through chiropractic care which we offer here at In8 Wellness Center (formerly Merrimack Valley Wellness Center). My role is to keep on top of their scheduling as well as their wellness plans &payment info. Also, to accommodate and assist the doctors as and when required.


Nicholas Merriam, Office Assistant

Nicholas is a North Shore native, who has been in the area for the majority of his life. He works in both North Andover and Beverly offices. His duties around the office are primarily postural exercise consultations and patient data entry, helping to keep the patient files are up to date. He enjoys relaxing outside, hiking through the woods, skiing and much more. Nicholas is also an avid dog enthusiast that is often taking care of the family dogs, Cooper and Toula.

Lynette Rinaldi, Chiropractor Assistant

Lynette Rinaldi, Chiropractor Assistant

Lynette Rinaldi joined the In8 Wellness Center team as a chiropractor assistant at the beginning of 2023!  She performs a variety of tasks and shares many of the responsibilities with her colleague, Evelyn!

In Lynette’s free time, she enjoys hiking in the woods, working with the horses at a local therapeutic riding center, and training her new puppy.  But what thrills her the most is when she is riding her Harley! If you see her out and about, make sure you wave!