General Health Testing

One of the critical teachings by the doctors at In8 Wellness Center is that what you can measure you can manage, and therefore you can improve upon.

Factual data about your health and performance are critical when it comes to knowing the right steps to take with your nutrition and supplementation.  Deciding to act only when you are sick and symptomatic is reactive and dangerous.

This is why we have partnered with Boston Heart Labs and have weekly blood draws at In8 Wellness Center.  Blood draws and blood chemistry consults are available on a weekly basis with the doctor for our existing patients.  This allows the doctors to devise an evidence-based approach to nutrition and supplementation recommendations.  Please call or message our office for questions about non-patient blood services.

In8 Wellness center is equipped with the most advanced Bio-Impedance Analysis equipment called the Inbody 570.  This machine accurately assesses your body fat percentage, fat distribution, visceral fat, muscle mass, muscle distribution, water ratio, and Basal metabolic rate.  This data is critical for creating macro-based nutrition plans aimed at increasing performance or losing body fat.

Other general health tests available:

  • Digital blood pressure
  • Waist to hip ratio
  • Medical Symptom questionnaire
  • Digital posture and x-ray measurements

Amplified Wellness Score

The Amplified Wellness Score is the sum of all of the above assessments (over 100 biomarkers of health) into a cumulative score.  The result is on a score of 100 and will deliver a letter grade just like we all received in school.  The difference is that the letter grade on this test could literally mean life or death for some, and for others it is a way to decide where to focus time, energy, and money when it comes to optimizing performance.  To schedule a score please call or message the office to get scheduled today! It may be the most important score you ever received!