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At In8 Wellness Center our doctors are on the cutting edge of 21st Century health care.  Chiropractic is an integral part of that health strategy. In our society today, we are living lifestyles that have become very unnatural.  We sit for many hours per day, perform repetitive tasks, endure modern mental-emotional stressors, and subject our bodies to high-impact injuries. Physically, we have not caught up with these chronic demands and many people suffer from spinal injuries and degenerative problems as a result.

Today, Chiropractic care has become a very important addition to the list of healthcare providers that families trust to help them prevent future injuries, help adapt to daily physical stress, and recover from injury.

The doctors at In8 perform specific gentle chiropractic adjustments by hand to restore optimal function and health to the spine and nervous system.  This enables the body to function to its optimal potential and prevent early wear and tear. Each patient is examined thoroughly prior to beginning a corrective plan to maximize results.



Functional Nutrition

In8 Wellness Center nutrition plans are customized to our patient’s needs. Our objective general health testing and Boston Heart Blood panel enable our nutrition experts to deliver optimal recommendations to help you achieve your goals.

Our plans can be done with you, done for you, or done by you.

Done by you is a one-time service where our nutrition expert will put together a plan for you to tackle on your own.

Done with you is a customized plan created for you with built-in check-ins with our nutrition experts to provide accountability and ensure your plan is working for you.

Done for you is a special plan exclusive to our 8WW patients where everything is provided in an online format from meal plans, shopping lists, to snacks, and daily journaling.  This service can even include a meal service who will prepare 8WW approved meals for your plan if you are pinched for time.

Corrective Exercise

In most corrective plans at In8 Wellness Center, the following successful strategies are implemented:

Corrective adjustments delivered in rhythm Corrective exercise to strengthen weak areas of the body Elimination of bad habits causing problems. This strategy not only helps reverse chronic damage to the spine but helps rebuild strength and allows you to correct problems by addressing the cause. All rehabilitative exercise performed at In8 are programmed and supervised by the doctors to ensure great results and optimal progress.

Softwave Tissue Regenerative Technology

What is Softwave TRT?

Softwave TRT is a non-invasive and painless therapy that uses low-frequency, high-energy sound waves to stimulate the healing of damaged tissues. The technology works by delivering sound waves through the skin and into the underlying tissues, where they activate the body’s natural healing processes. The sound waves cause the tissues to vibrate, which stimulates the cells to regenerate and repair themselves. This leads to improved circulation, reduced inflammation, and increased production of new tissues, all of which contribute to the healing process.

What are the Benefits of Softwave TRT?

Softwave TRT offers several benefits over traditional tissue healing methods. Here are some of the key benefits:

  1. Non-Invasive: Unlike surgical procedures, Softwave is a non-invasive therapy, which means there is no cutting or incisions involved. This makes it a safe and mostly painless alternative for patients who are looking to avoid surgery or injections.
  2. Fast Healing: The low-frequency, high-energy sound waves used in Softwave TRT stimulate the body’s natural healing processes, leading to a faster healing time compared to traditional methods.
  3. No Side Effects: Since Softwave is a non-invasive therapy, there are no side effects associated with the treatment. This makes it a safer option for patients who are looking to avoid the risks associated with surgery or medication.
  4. Cost-Effective: Softwave TRT is a cost-effective alternative to traditional tissue healing methods, as it requires no hospitalization or extended recovery time.
  5. Complimentary modality: Softwave works incredibly well in conjunction with chiropractic care and corrective exercise as it stimulates your body’s own neurological and immunological healing mechanisms.