Pregnant Moms, Athletes, Chiropractic Care, and The Amplified Athlete Score

As a clinician of 10 years I have gravitated to specializing in taking care of 2 distinct populations of people:

Athletes and pregnant mothers.


Because I find that both athletes and mothers have one specific thing in common:

They are extremely committed to their health, performance, and recovery.

Both individuals are compelled to be as healthy as possible in order to perform their very best for their specific event (delivery or sporting event), and they both want to recover as quickly as possible. And for that reason, they are very committed patients, experience great results, and love chiropractic care.


An athlete is defined as “someone who is proficient in sports and other forms of exercise.”

I think that this definition is flawed because when we hear the word athlete we mistakenly think of professional athletes. It conjures a false image that you need to be some shredded Greek god with athletic prowess for you to call yourself an athlete. I happen to think that all mothers looking for a healthy delivery are athletes. Anyone who is committed to exercising is an athlete. Anyone who wants to be strong and healthy enough for their yearly ski trip to Colorado is an athlete. An athlete to me is someone who prioritizes taking care of the physical health of their body, and wants to push the limits of their abilities by becoming the healthiest versions of themselves possible.


The Problem: Most of us have no idea where they stand when it comes to their health.

We have been taught that by looking at the scale, measuring blood pressure, watching our cholesterol, and as long as we feel “good” that means we’re “healthy”.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you’re like me, then you are someone who is looking for more. You seek the truth. And you know there is much more we can hang our hat on when it comes to measuring our health, performance, and recovery.

This is why after years of study, research, clinical experience, and trial and error I have found a way to help athletes quantify and then optimize their results.


The Solution: The Amplified Athlete Score

The AA score measures 4 distinct categories of your physiology:

  1. Comprehensive Bloodwork (Functional Nutrition)
  2. Functional Movement Assessment (Strength + Flexibility)
  3. Body Composition and general health (muscle vs fat, general health)
  4. Neurospinal and Postural Assessment (structure and joint health)



Comprehensive Bloodwork

In order for us to look under the hood and assess what is happening with our physiology, a comprehensive look at our bloodwork is necessary.

When it comes to optimizing health and performance, there isn’t one particular test that tells the whole story but a whole host of different bio-markers.

For the Amplified Athlete score, we look at lipid physiology, blood sugars, genetic tests, comprehensive metabolic panel, hormones, fatty acid profile, CBC with differential, inflammation, thyroid, iron levels, and special tests like B vitamins and vitamin D.

There are over 90 bio-markers that we measure!

This assessment alone can be a major game changer when it comes to optimizing your training, lifestyle, and supplementation.



Functional Movement Assessment

One of the most critical assessments for discovering mobility and stability issues in your body is a comprehensive movement analysis. If there are certain strength, flexibility, mobility, or stability issues in your body, they could be a major detriment to your performance and putting you at risk for injury. In my experience, most athletes wait until they get hurt to start looking at their movement. My advice is to not wait until you become injured to start prioritizing your movement integrity.



Body Composition and General Health

At In8 Wellness Center we have invested in an Inbody 570 machine for incredibly accurate body composition measurement. This tool will measure body fat %, muscle ratios, visceral fat, BMR, and extra-cellular to total body water. These measurements are critical for anyone who wants to monitor body composition. We also measure body systems with medical symptom questionnaire, blood pressure, waist to hip ratio, and Heart Rate Variability.



Neurospinal and Posture Assessment

The most important structure in your body is the suit of armor that protects your nervous system also known as the spinal column. Having an optimally functioning spine and nervous system is paramount when it comes to optimal health. This assessment includes a joint analysis of the spine, pelvis, and extremity by looking at joint range of motion, palpation, digital posture, and x-rays.



If this is something that you are interested in experiencing, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our office at 978-655-4979 and we would be happy to set up the exam and report.

The report literally gives you a letter grade on a score out of 100 so you can see exactly what category needs improvement, and I deliver customized recommendations to every patient so they know exactly how to improve their health, performance, and recovery.

If you have questions about the testing you can email me at




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