Back to School Easy Health Hacks

If you have kiddos, then this time of year signals back school and getting back into the school routine. September is a great time to reset after the summer holidays and get some of the healthy habits back on the rails that slipped during the summer.

For those of you looking to either get yourselves or your kids back into healthy habits this fall, I have put together 4 easy health hacks for back to school:

  1. Back Pack Safety

Check out this 2-minute video below on the 4 critical steps for backpack safety to avoid injury and maintain healthy posture:

  • Your Child should carry no more than 15% of their body-weight in their bag throughout the day and heavier items must be placed closest to the body
  • Backpack should be no wider than your child’s torso or longer then their low back
  • Get straps with padding and fit the backpack snug to the shoulders to avoid uneven load distribution
  • Use both bag straps at all times to avoid slouching and stress to the spine and hips

** This fall In8 Wellness Center is offering FREE Backpack screenings with our posture screen mobile tool on out apple iPad to ensure proper fitting for your child! Just call to schedule your FREE 5-minute backpack screening **

2. Practice Healthy Posture

Check out this 2-minute video below on the 4 critical steps for practicing healthy posture to avoid neck and back pain:

  • When sitting at the desk sit upright as often as possible to avoid rounded low back and shoulders
  • When checking your phone, hinge at the hips not at your neck!
  • When doing work on your laptop, shoulders relaxed, elbows bent at 90, sit upright with screen in front of your eyes
  • Stand on two feet and squeeze your butt

** This fall In8 Wellness Center is offering FREE posture and desk screening with our posture screen mobile tool on our apple iPad! Just call and ask to schedule your 5-minute FREE screening **

3. Plan Healthy Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks Ahead of Time

Check out this 2-minute video below on healthy snack hacks for back to school:

  • Success starts in the grocery store. Involve your kids in selecting healthy proteins, fruits, veggies, nuts/seeds, and try limit packaged and processed foods.
  • Plan as many meals as you can ahead of time, otherwise your kids’ choices are out of your control. Plan a consistent breakfast with protein, healthy fats and fiber with either a smoothie or if time allows an easy to prepare meal like oatmeal, eggs and fruit.
  • Easy healthy non-processed snack ideas: Chopped veggies with healthy dip, homemade trail mix, piece of fruit with almond butter, homemade jerky, zucchini muffins
  • Meal prep and shop 2 times per week. Yes, this takes planning and work, but the payoff is huge when it comes to the health of your family and creating healthy habits

** For smoothie and healthy meal ideas feel free to email and I would be happy to share some!

4. Incorporate Daily Movement

Check out this 2-minute video for 4 ways to incorporate more movement into your kids’ daily activities:

  • Be the example. Kids want nothing more than to spend time with mom and dad, so why not plan to do something physical together instead of time in front of the boob tube? Take a walk together after dinner, ride your bikes, do some burpees or push-ups, or just play in the yard!
  • Limit screen time during the week and weekends by having designated times for phones, computers and television and spend time outside instead.
  • Sign up for something together. Whether it’s a sport, a 5K wlk/run, skating lessons, swimming, or doing your own push-up challenge at home
  • Plan a family activity 1x per week on the weekends like a hike, visit to your local farm, picnic at the park etc.

**For at home challenge ideas feel free to email and I would be happy to share some! **

I hope you enjoyed this month’s back to school health hacks! For more information about FREE backpack screenings, posture screenings, or if you are interested in visiting our office please call 978-655-4979.

Have a safe and healthy back to school month!

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