Fall Back to Health

With fall soon upon us and summer coming to end, let’s reflect on our own health. Amid day-to-day craziness, we consistently put ourselves last. We neglect our nutrition, we prolong getting back to the gym or back to our fitness routine. Days, weeks, and months pass, and we find ourselves more than 10 pounds heavier, sluggish, not sleeping well and depressed.

Sometimes life has a way of spiraling. If we keep putting ourselves last, we may never get back to what’s important. We have all heard the expression “If you aren’t there for yourself, you can’t be good to anyone else.” Have you implemented this into your life? Do you go to sleep at night with only the best intentions for “tomorrow,” but then hit snooze a half dozen times? Maybe you just don’t know where or how to begin. Maybe none of this applies to you, but to a loved one or friend.

Devoting a small amount of time each day to our fitness can yield major results. Do you know that when you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins? Endorphins are natures happy drugs. Who among us doesn’t want to feel high, naturally? I always tell people to find something you love to do; such as running or biking or fitness classes, personal training. Start with a commitment of one to two times per week. Ask a friend, spouse to join you. Join a club, running club for example; or find a fitness class that creates a sense of belonging, community and accountability. Somehow when you know people are waiting for you, looking forward to having you with them for motivation, it makes it that much easier to stick with it. Building a “health” support system can be a vital part of your success.

When I train people or teach fitness classes, I want my clients to know that I am not just there to tell them what to do. It’s important they know that their motivation, success and safety is my priority. I want my people to feel excited about exercising not dread it. Do you train with an instructor that you feel good with? Are you surrounding yourself with people that care about your health and fitness as much as you do?

If fitness classes are your thing, then find the right one. Be with people you enjoy. Let’s face it, we can use a million excuses; but somehow when we enjoy seeing our “people” it gives us a sense of belonging and inspires us to keep showing up. Before we know it, we are a regular. We look better, we feel better, we move better, and we are better.

Exercise and the proper nutrition are vital as well as key components to good health. Good health and well-being start here. If you have strayed off your path to good health in the past year or past few months, we want to help you get back.
That is why we have 2 important announcements to make:

1. Our Meal-Prep workshop has been rescheduled to Thursday September 27th @ 6:30 pm. Call or sign up at the front desk!
2. Our fall Buddy Week at the gym will be September 24th-28th! This means that anyone who has never tried our group training can do so for ONE WEEK FREE! You MUST let us know ahead of time so we can show you how to schedule in advance and sign a waiver.

Stay healthy, stay strong

Janet L. Esterkes
Health & Wellness Coach

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