The Energy Paradox: How To Improve Your Capacity to Workout

The literal definition of energy is the capacity to do work. Note the two key words in that sentence: Capacity and Work.

Work is your ability to be productive. Whether that means to be productive physically or mentally.

Capacity is the amount of power to do, experience, or understand something.

If you find yourself complaining constantly that you lack energy then the likelihood is that your capacity to do work, well how do I say it…. sucks.

If you want to improve your capacity to do anything in life, whether speak a new language, learn to play guitar, or do a pullup, then this requires you to spend energy productively in order to see growth.  This is the paradox you see, that you must spend energy in order to build your capacity to do work or experience more energy and vitality.

Almost weekly I consult with patients regarding their energy levels. Inevitably I find physical problems in their spine and nervous system that sap their energy. We also find fat around their midsection causing hormone dysfunction like low testosterone and high estrogen levels, lack of muscle mass making them weak and fragile, lack of coping mechanisms to deal with stress, and bad habits like not sleeping enough and drinking too much alcohol.

All of these problems amplify their capacity issues, leaving feelings of fatigue, depression, low sex drive, and lack of motivation. Thus, no energy to workout, crappy sleep from feeling tired and wired at the same time, and on the verge of mental exhaustion.

The common solution? Testosterone injections for libido, caffeine to wake up, Ambien to shut it down, Viagra to get it up, Prozac to feel happy, and Adderall to focus.

How is that working so far?

Chances are, not very good.

All these “solutions” do nothing to build your capacity. They are all treating symptoms and not getting to the true cause of your energy problem. There is no pill, potion, supplement, or lotion that will EVER build your capacity to do work and create permanent energy shifts in your life.

So how do I build my capacity to do work?

It’s simple. You must DO THE F’IN WORK.

I am so proud of my 8 weeks to wellness graduates of my wellness center. Mainly because they all have one thing in common that I admire: The ownership of where they are today and the grit to do what it takes to get what they want.

For most of them, what they want it is to have more energy. But it’s bigger than that. It is to have more energy to be a better spouse, parent, role model, and enjoy the life that they were designed to live.

It’s awesome to see 20 lbs. of weight loss, or reversal of their type 2 diabetes, medications getting thrown in the garbage, strength and flexibility gains, and symptoms forgotten, but the true win is to see a person change their life and build new productive habits that allow these changes to stay forever.

So what is your capacity block? Are you stuck in a crazy eight like so many others that feel too tired to workout and are tired, because they don’t workout?

8 weeks to wellness might be just the thing to change your life. Forever.

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