5 Reasons Why Every CrossFitter Needs A Chiropractor in 2017

Whether you’re a beginner to CrossFit, a weekly box-goer, master’s athlete, or top-level competitor, the chances are very strong that chiropractic can help you.  In fact, I am yet to check someone who is a CrossFit athlete who didn’t need help!

 Here are my top 5 reasons that ALL crossfitters need a great chiropractor:

  1.  Correcting old joint damage. The vast majority of injury cases that I see from my crossfitters are due to old uncorrected damage that becomes flared up from new physical demands. CrossFit happens to be the most demanding strength and conditioning program out there for the general public, and the chances are that many of the movements are brand new for most members. If there are joints in your spine or structure that aren’t ready for new loads or movements then you are sure to have issues.  This is why it is highly recommended that you have you structure assessed and corrected by a chiropractor prior to doing CrossFit to prevent injury, and make sure that you check your ego at the door and take your time learning new movements and positions (AKA listen to your coach!).
  2. Optimize performance and efficiency. Even the coolest pair of Nanos or Metcons will not fix your rusty hip or cranky stiff shoulders. Getting a professional movement assessment and plan to correct body positions is the only way to ensure constant improvement and longevity as a CrossFit athlete. Chiropractic care helps restore optimal joint position, movement, and neurological connection that will improve efficiency and coordination.  Inefficient and uncoordinated movement leads to break down and stalled progress.
  3. Restore Neuro-muscular power. Very often when there are observed postural imbalances, inefficient joint movement, and tight muscles there are certain movement patterns that become chronically weak. An example of this is someone who has spent years sitting at a desk in the fetal position. Neck and chest muscles become tight, middle back and neck joints break down and develop scar tissue, and middle back muscles become stretched and weak. The only way to restore these weak dysfunctional patterns is by consistently repairing the feedback that your muscles and joints have with the brain.  This is accomplished with specific chiropractic adjustments to joint adhesions, trigger point and soft tissue work on tight muscles, and corrective exercise to re-pattern healthy movement and strengthen weak regions.  Far too often I see crossfitters leaving money on the table by trying to build strength on top of the weak dysfunctional movement. This will stall your progress and lead to injury.
  4. Improve core activation. Your spine is the most important indicator to your core about your body position.  You want efficiency in neurological connections from your brain to your core to ensure stability and power.  This happens when the joints in your spine are aligned, moving, and stable so they can communicate to your brain about your body position.  When there are faults in joint position then muscles fire out of sequence in your core and this is how can you become injured.  Chiropractic aims to locate and correct faulty joint alignment to allow your core muscles to engage optimally.
  5. Chiropractic prevents injury, optimizes performance and aids in recovery. Not even the best sports drink, supplement, or wonder food can lay claim to this.  Improving the way you move, but most of all improving your nervous system’s communication to joints, muscles, and organs is something unique and distinct that chiropractic does.  Improving function is what it is all about when it comes to prevention, performance, and recovery. Chiropractic plays a critical role in all 3 and continues to be one of the most valuable investments an athlete can make.

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