Is Chiropractic Good for Pregnant Women?

One thing that has really amazed me in the 9 years that I have been a practicing chiropractor is that there are so many people from all walks of life that can benefit from regular chiropractic care.  In truth, no one person is the same and this has required me to become more equipped over the years to be able to help all types of different cases.

Recently, I had completed a certification in a chiropractic technique called Webster (named after Dr. Larry Webster) that was developed to care for pregnant women.  The technique is a special analysis and correction with the goal of making sure that the expecting mother maintains healthy pelvic structure and neurological integrity. By doing so, this makes it more likely for a more comfortable pregnancy for mom, but also better delivery outcomes.

Something that I learned in this seminar is that there is an extraordinary number of unplanned C-sections today due to problems during delivery. 1 in 3 women are now delivering by C-section which is the highest it has ever been in US history! By far the most diagnosed reason for unplanned C-sections is “failure to progress”.  This situation has been defined by the word Dystocia.  Dystocia is difficult birth, typically caused by a large or awkwardly positioned fetus, by smallness of the maternal pelvis, or by failure of the uterus and cervix to contract and expand normally.

There are 3 causes of Dystocia:

  1. Physiological/neuro-biomechanical
  2. Emotional
  3. Iatrogenic (medical intervention)

By addressing any physiological or biomechanical problems prior to delivery with gentle chiropractic care, the following 3 things may result in improving delivery outcomes:

  • Improved neuro-contractile strength of the uterus
  • Improved sacral/pelvic alignment and mobility
  • Improved positioning of the fetus

How cool is that? Imagine if all pregnant women could combine gentle chiropractic care, relaxation and stress minimizing techniques, and keep medical intervention to a minimum (meds, shots, devices)? I guarantee we could see vastly improved birth outcomes! 

But for now, I love helping my expecting moms have better pregnancies and better odds at great outcomes, including one of my patients, Emily, who explains her experience below.

“Dr. Ryan was my chiropractor through two of my three pregnancies over a 4 year span. Not only did regular care provide me with major pain relief and the ability to continue my exercise regimen to remain healthy, but I delivered my healthy babies naturally on my own regard with no intervention and both girls were positioned perfectly leading up to their arrival. Another wonderful benefit was my wish to avoid any prescription mediction during pregnanct. Chasing toddlers and getting run down, I did end up with two ear infections, one during each pregancny. Dr. Ryan was able to help me drain the fluids with a few extra adjsutments and completely avoid antibiotics helping both me and the baby. I am so grateful to have found chiropractic for my own benefit; but as any mom knows to be able to equip your children to be the healhiest version of themselves from the start is a wonderful and empowering blessing!” – Emily H.

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