Choose The Road Less Taken – Get A Plan, Do The Work

Typically, January is a time where the holidays [and all the gluttony that comes with it] just passed us by. It’s a time when New Year’s resolutions are made and kept for, mmmmmm, about a week on average! 

It’s a time where we have chosen to beat ourselves up for enjoying a few to many cocktails, eating a few extra cookies and sleeping off the sugar coma instead of hitting the gym over the dark month of December. Most people start off with the best of intentions in the new year, BUT while the intentions are right, the action plan is almost never on target.

Perhaps it goes deeper for you than gluttony this past holiday season.

Maybe it was noticing a family member whose health has begun to fail and all the challenges that are arising with it at a gathering this year.

It could’ve been a friend who is simply in survival mode, whose every dime is going to medical bills due to her husband’s cancer diagnosis because her priority is keeping him alive, their mortgage paid and not buying gifts or extras for their three young kids because of it. 

Or hopefully, it’s not the saddest, but unfortunately most common reason that influences most people to make a change when it comes to their health…

The person missing from your holiday celebration forever, because everything else came before their health until it was simply to late.  

Regardless of whatever the reason WHY you are looking to change your health in 2017, in my opinion there is only two options to make it happen:

Option 1:

The quick fix in the form of any drug, pill, or treatment and the side effects and frustration that comes with it. This is a situation when something that sounds to good to be true usually is. In most cases, these are often strategies that get you a temporary result often at an accelerated pace, but IT NEVER LASTS LONG.


Option 2:

Learning what action steps to take, committing to a plan and simply DO THE WORK.  

In my experience of working with hundreds of patients over the last 6 years at In8 Wellness Center Center; this month is a time when many choose the first option rather than the latter. Patients often come to me when they end up sad, frustrated or even angry when they fail ,even though their intentions are in the right place.

Before they know it they are looking for the best thing to jump on regardless of what it costs as long as it helps them get bikini ready by spring or lower their heart attack risk overnight without having to give up bacon, nutella toast and OJ for breakfast everyday [what do you mean that is not healthy, like the commercial says, Kendra???]

I’m going to sound like Captain Obvious here, but seriously people you can’t undue years of bad habits, misinformation or simply following the wrong advice that is not custom to YOU from some “coach” who signed up for a MLM or online program the week before and expect it to help you get a sustainable result. 

What you need is someone to help you make a lifestyle change and. shocker, this starts with changing your mind that you will PUT IN THE WORK. It requires you to have someone telling you EXACTLY what to start doing and what you MUST stop doing. It almost always requires you to have someone that holds you accountable for your actions.

It mandates that you stop settling for the quick fix fads that promise the next best thing, the new hottest workout craze or going for cryotherapy to freeze off the fat (Trust me, I hear it all), juice cleanses that are temporary and NOT sustainable, fasting for periods of time and the worst one I can come up with injections of any kind that allow you to subsist on less calories than you need just for basic organ function. 

It means its time to create a long-term healthy lifestyle plan with short term steps to get you there just like we do in our 8 Weeks to Wellness Program.

So I have a question for you, in 2017 which path will you choose when it comes to your health?

I challenge you to choose option number 2.

If you do, I’m willing and able to help you. On Wednesday, January 25th, I’m doing a FREE one hour Clean Eating workshop at 6:30 pm at In8 Wellness Center Center and I want to see you there when I lay out the EXACT plan you need to follow to get the results I see happen daily at In8 Wellness Center Center. 

In this workshop, we will be kicking off our February Clean Eating Challenge and YES, there are prizes for the winners. Invite a friend, come find out the do’s and the don’ts of eating healthy as I lay out a plan that has helped so many make sustainable lifestyle changes that have resulted in better body composition, lowering disease risk and boosting brain function.

Get the details and reserve your seat NOW by clicking here

P.S. We will be serving FOOD and may need to get additional chairs so SIGN UP NOW to let us know you will be there, it’s the first step on the road less taken. 

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