Find The Solution To Your Low Back Problems Part 1

Let me start by telling you that if you are someone who suffers from chronic lower back pain I sympathize with you.  As a chiropractor it pains me to admit (pun intended) that I am someone who has struggled with a back problem for the last couple years.  It is hard for me to admit this, because I feel that as a chiropractor I am supposed to be a shining example of optimal health and wellness. Or at least of ALL things I shouldn’t be someone who has a back problem.  Oh the irony! 

It happened first in the year 2009 when I was just getting into competitive crossfit.  On my last heavy deadlift of an on the minute challenge I felt a sickening pop in my lower spine.  I laid on the floor and instantly understood what it felt like to be totally disabled by a back injury. What a horrible feeling. Fortunately, I know a few great chiropractors who had me back in the gym within a couple weeks. Did I learn my lesson though? Not a chance.

Over the next 6 years of competition it seemed that about once a year I would manage to stir up this now chronic condition. But it wasn’t until 2015 after bulging the disc in my lower spine that I finally realized there were some serious flaws in how I was taking care of my problem. They say the thickest 2 inches on the planet is the human skull….I am a shining example of this.

I was violating my own principles that I teach as a crossfit trainer, chiropractor, and health coach. There is a spectrum of where exercise goes beyond health and wellness and goes into the realm of fitness and potential injury.  I spent many years there, and my faults included bad habits and technique issues, lifting too heavy for what my technique allowed, under-recovering, and ignoring critical practices that would keep my body healthy.  If you want to stay injury-free and still train like a maniac then you must have everything dialed in, especially if you’re over the age of 30. 

I know this isn’t everybody. Some people have chronic back problems from sport, physical jobs, sitting jobs, accidents, or maybe you have no idea why you have back pain. What every lower back condition has in common though is that there is a strong possibility that your problem is a physical problem that requires a physical solution.  What that means is that the solution to your problem is not found in a bottle of pills, in a syringe, or some lotion or potion. It requires a change in your movement, a change in your habits, and a change in your healthPeriod.

In the next 3-part series I will be teaching about how to approach your back injury in the safest, most cost-effective, and most corrective manner so you can enjoy your life and what you love to do again. Back pain is NOT NORMAL, but is one of the most common chronic issues on planet earth.  Let’s get you bullet-proof!

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– Dr. Ryan

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