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May is women’s health month at here at In8 Wellness Center!!!!! If you have not signed up for this month’s FREE Advanced Workshop on on Wed May 30th called ” Secrets to Hormonal Happiness” dont wait any longer as it is going to be AWESOME! Share the gift of health with an important woman in your life this May by inviting them as your GUEST!

Let’s face it, woman today are busier than ever before. I am sure you can relate when I feel as if sometimes I am the woman below with all these spinning plates working at perfecting the delicate balancing act that is called LIFE. Every day, I get up to tackle the world hoping and praying that I can keep them all spinning without one crashing to the ground with dire consequences. Sometimes I am successful, sometimes I am not.

Many of us have several different “plates” spinning in the air in the forms of motherhood, managing a career or running a business. Need I mention the carpooling schedule, the house chores, the cooking, the financials or conquering the grocery shopping list. However of all these “plates” there is one that will force all the others to come crashing to the ground in an instant if the least bit out of balance. This plate that is extremely delicate in the balance of life and that is your personal health!

As women, it is our nature to be caretakers by putting the needs of everyone else before our own. This nature is in fact in our genetic code. A genetic code you were born with and one that has not changed for over 10,000 years. One that is designed to do two things on a most basic level, allow us to survive and reproduce in order to pass on our genes to the next generation and continue the human race.

See the only thing that has changed in 10,000 years since the human race evolved is the lifestyles we live today. Lifestyles that cause our genes to adapt to the toxicities and deficiencies in both our external and internal environments. Lifestyles that drastically alter the delicate balance of our hormonal symphony! When this hormonal symphony is interrupted, this imbalance often manifests itself in the form sickness and disease that in the form of three major killers of women today heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

To understand this better, first let’s take a walk back in time, say 10,000 years ago when we hunter gathers and our days looked a little different than they did today.

Typical Hunter Gather Woman’s Day

Hunting and Gathering food 5 Hours

Sleep, nap, rest, relax 10 Hours

Habitat, Shelter, Basic Human Needs 3 Hours

Leisure Time or Personal Care Time 6 Hours

Typical Women’s Day Today

Work or Childcare Demands 10 Hours

Commuting or Kid’s Taxi Service 2 Hours

Sleep 6 Hours (and that’s generous

Television, Computer and Digital Entertainment 4 Hours

(Count the hours you spend on Facebook!)

Grooming, Household Chores, Free Time 2 Hours

I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t have two hours of grooming time on a daily basis, half the time I am driving, putting on makeup at stoplights and talking on the phone at the same time. Free time I don’t even know if I could define what I do in my “free time” and I don’t even have kids yet.

Another factor to consider is that 10,000 years ago we traveled in tribes and each and every one of use had a specific role within the tribe. If you were a healer, you were the medicine woman, great with kids you raised the children of all the families, not just your own because raising kids was a team sport. We left the hunting in most cases to the men and our job was to gather fruit, nuts and berries or prepare the kill that they bought home. In fact with no money currency, men’s rank in the tribe was not based on the things you had and the money you brought home, but rather how successful you were at hunting to not feed just your family , but the tribe as a whole.

It’s not hard to see that we have strayed very far from this natural cycle of life. Today we are living in a very unnatural world and paying its consequences. Let’s face it when was the last time you hunted your dinner down or gathered berries to give your kids for a snack? It is this unnatural lifestyle that has led to the HUGE health care crisis, the HUGE amount of hormonal issues we face today and the HUGE number of women’s health issues that have become prevalent in today’s society.

The good news is that despite the unnatural world we are living in and there are a TON of things you can do to keep your “Personal Health” plate from crashing to the ground and smashing into tiny pieces while restoring your hormonal balance in the process! This is exactly what Kendra will be covering in this month’s very special Women’s Wellness Workshop on Wednesday May 30th starting at 6:30 pm.

Let’s be realistic, how long would your plates spin if you were not there to make sure they didn’t hit the ground and YOU wait to long for your health challenges to become a health crisis? Come learn about how you can take control of some of the Women’s health issues that are plaguing us such a…….

  • How to restore hormonal balance without using harmful drugs and evasive surgeries.
  • The secrets to boosting your metabolism naturally for effortless weight loss and abundant energy.
  • The Three things you need to start doing today to ensure your health for a lifetime.

Join us, bring a friend. Register today on our Facebook page , call our office at 978-479-6555 or simply JUST SHOW UP! We will save you and your guest a seat because we know this is information that they will not want to MISS!

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