Dr. Ryan’s Movement Rules to Live By

1. There will never be a drug or surgery that will ever fix problems due to lack of movement/exercise

2. If you’re not moving, you’re dying (If you don’t use it you lose it)

3. Don’t ever stop running, it’s the most natural thing you could ever do besides fart

4. If someone tells you never to squat below 90 degrees, ask them to lay on the floor and get up without bending their knee below 90 degrees. Then point and laugh at them

5. Exercise like Tarzan: Run, jump, climb, throw, lift, sprint, and yell a bunch while you do it

6. Have fun, and do what moves you

7. Earn your rest days

8. Turning up the heat and laying on the floor is not exercising

9. Walk…..a lot!

10. Lift something heavy at least once per week. Strong people are harder to kill, and are generally more useful

11. Kids and adults that exercise are more intelligent, happier, and are far less likely to have chronic disease later in life

12. Get a coach. Everyone needs accountability, guidance, and someone to help them set goals

13. Every so often, turn it up a notch and give it all you got. Intensity is where the good stuff comes from

14. Try new exercises and sports regularly

15. Train movements not muscles. If you were going to move a couch you wouldn’t hamstring curl or calf raise the couch, you would use a functional movement like dead-lift and carrying

16. Exercise is not a treatment for weight-loss or for getting a great beach body (although a great bonus)….exercise is required for optimal physical and mental well-being. We are wired-up for movement and our genes expect daily exercise in order to stay healthy and functional

17. Just do it. The best time to start exercising was 10 years ago….the second best time is NOW! Get moving and quit living on someday island!

18. Sitting to your spine is like sugar to your teeth

19. Good posture is a habit just like brushing your teeth and it will make a HUGE impact on your confidence, vitality, and energy

20. You MUST have healthy spinal motion to have great health so just like everyone needs a great dentist, everyone needs a good chiropractor on their health team

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Your health coach,

Dr. Ryan

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