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Dr. Kevin’s Favorite Things!

Oprah’s Favorite Things (AKA Dr. Kevin’s Favorite Things) I can’t say that I was a big Oprah watcher, but I always remember my beautiful wife Beth would love to what Oprah’s “Favorite Things” episode. “You get a toaster, and you get a toaster”! So maybe this should have been done prior to Christmas but here…

Sciatica – Page 1

Definition of sciatica  : pain along the course of a sciatic nerve especially in the back of the thigh broadly : pain in the lower back, buttocks, hips, or adjacent parts This is how Webster defines sciatica. What I want to dig into here is a little more detail on what sciatica is, how it presents and things we can do…

Low Back Pain Is The 2nd Most Popular Reason People Miss Work

Not far behind the #1 reason people miss work, the common cold, is low back pain at #2. Not only is it the #2 reason people miss work it is also the main reason for lost productivity at work. If there is one thing that chiropractors have known for, it is helping people with low…

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