Our Purpose

Our purpose is to serve our clients by delivering the most value of any health-care practice in our community. We do this by having the most cutting-edge tools, education, and professional services designed to transform lives and revolutionize health of our clients and their families.

What makes our practice so unique is that we do not let your insurance dictate the quantity, or quality of your care. We do not have cookie-cutter plans or give you unnecessary products or services just to make money. We have affordable fees for our customized plans based on your wants and needs in order to get you the results that you are looking for.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Ryan Hewitt, Chiropractor

Hi! My name is Dr. Ryan Hewitt. I appreciate you taking the time to read up on our world-class wellness centers! Some of the things I feel are the most important that you should know about me is first and foremost that I care tremendously about this community, and I spend every day somehow trying to make a positive impact. That is the honest truth. I am very passionate about helping people reclaim their health so they can live the lives that they were designed to live.

N8 Wellness June 2020

Dr. Kevin Greene, Chiropractor

Dr. Kevin Greene is the lead Chiropractor at In8 Wellness Center in Beverly. Dr. Greene received his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic-West in 1995. Dr. Greene’s background and practice focus include Family and Pediatric Care, Wellness Care/Coaching, Injury treatment, and prevention. Dr. Kevin Greene has experience with sports rehabilitation and working with professional athletes including the San Francisco 49ers, San Francisco Giants and San Jose Sharks. Dr. Kevin also has advanced certification in Spinal Trauma (C.C.S.T.). Dr. Kevin is also an avid golfer and he recently received Level 1 Certification from the Titleist Performance Institute.

Dr. Kyle Truscott, Chiropractor

Dr. Kyle Truscott is from Port Huron, MI. He received his Doctorate in Chiropractic from Life University in Marietta, GA and his undergraduate degree in Biology/Pre-Med from Rochester University in Rochester Hills, MI. Dr. Truscott specializes in nervous system assessment/ rehabilitation and is currently working on completing his diplomate in clinical neuroscience. During the entirety of his career at Life University Kyle worked at the schools chiropractic neurology center. In Kyle’s spare time he enjoys playing hockey, golfing, and hiking. He played collegiate hockey at Rochester University and was team president at Life University.

Helping athletes improve performance, minimize injuries/decrease healing time, while maximizing nervous system expression and functionality.


Elise Panzner, Chiropractic Assistant

Elise is a Chiropractic Assistant for In8 Wellness Center Beverly. Elise’s favorite part of her position is getting to work so closely with all of our amazing patients, getting to know them and being a part of their personal health journeys. She is passionate about wildlife, nature, natural healing, and her two 4 legged children; Roscoe and Petey. Elise is an aspiring herbalist/energy healer; she is taking and introductory course this Spring/Summer for a level 1 Herbalism certification and also hopes to pursue Reiki certifications in the future. Elise hopes to bring her love for herbal preventative medicine and energy healing to the North Shore area in the near future, especially for our dogs and cats!


Kate Doughty, Chiropractic Assistant

Kate is an outdoor enthusiast who is at home in the mountains, on the ocean, or on a farm. She thinks we should preserve natural environments and enjoy all the benefits they provide. Cooking delicious food and reading a good book are about the only substitutes for a good day outside. After extensive travel she affirms that New England is indeed the coolest place to live.

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