ADHD/Anxiety/Depression and Nervous System Disorder: Where to look and tips to holistically manage symptoms

Since 2021 the diagnosis of any given nervous system disorder has risen close to 2000%. The reasoning for such a sharp increase is not known. For many, it is considered a controversial topic of debate. Individuals affected by nervous system disorders often turn to medication to help ease symptoms of anxiety, depression, and ADHD. Though medicating may help, there are quite a few holistic ways to help diminish, or lessen, the severity of experienced symptoms. I will highlight a few of these tricks below.

A common ADHD and anxiety symptom is feeling over stimulated. Simply put, the brain either has trouble focusing on a task from feeling there are too many stimuli around to properly give them all attention, or that the only task or thought process needs to be the forefront of all thought processes. For patients that experience this feeling I tell them to try to activate their rest and digest system through means of a “loud and proud” gargle, humming loudly to their favorite song, or finding their comfort/ calming color and listening to a related solfeggio frequency. By activating the rest and digest system the body and brain can feel more comfortable in situations that might otherwise feel overwhelming or hostile.

Another set of tips for managing symptoms is to closely monitor diet and include exercise in your daily routine. Many dyes found in everyday foods, drinks, and candies have been proven to cause gut issues and symptoms commonly associated with anxiety, depression, and ADHD. By taking care of our natural gut biome and cutting out neurotoxic foods/food additives changes in how we feel begin to take place. To further improve our nervous systems’ ability to be resilient daily exercise should be considered. When we move and exercise, we are challenging our bodies to perform past its comfort zone. Over time, this can force our body to become more resilient in environments or states that it’s not used to being in. Movement and exercise have also been proven to increase the release of the ‘feel good’ hormones in our body thus leading to a greater feeling of accomplishment. Only you can begin taking the steps to create a healthy relationship with your body and work towards becoming the best you can be. Stop in to In8 today to have your nervous system checked and your function optimized!

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