Thoracic Spine Mobility

Mid back pain is not one of the most common reasons why people come into our office, but it is none less important. Our mid back or thoracic spine tends to be more stable because we have the attachments of the ribs. But, having decreased thoracic mobility can certainly end up leading to neck and low back pain overtime.

I am a golfer and I know that any golfer or anybody who needs to be able to rotate their thoracic spine needs to focus on thoracic mobility.

At In8 Wellness Center we have a three strange approach to thoracic mobility. We start with a thorough consultation and any necessary examinations, including x-rays. Once we have determined the cause of your thoracic pain and or lack of mobility we will put together a treatment plan designed specifically for you.

First, will be the chiropractic adjustment. With the chiropractic adjustment we are focused on not only improving alignment but also mobility. With the chiropractic adjustment we are putting a quick stretch into the joint and muscles which helps to get them to relax and helps us to break up any adhesions or scar tissue in the area.

Then what we need to do is focus on soft tissue mobility exercises that will help us, again, break up adhesions in the area and help us get more motion through the thoracic spine. If you look at the video included in this blog you can get a sense of the types of mobility exercises that we do for the thoracic spine. Each program is tailored to the individual patient’s needs.

Then we need to reactivate and strengthen the injured tissues. In our office we use crossover symmetry to help us achieve the goals of increasing strength and helping us to reactivate the affected muscles.

An assessment that our patients here at In8 Wellness Center have as part of their care is a complementary TPI screening. Last year I became certified through the Titleist performance institute and part of the evaluation is a 16-part mobility assessment that will help us determine any faults in your golf swing that are related to strength and or mobility issues in your spine. If you would like to set up one of these screenings in our office please feel free to reach out to Kate or Elise and they would be more than happy to set up this 30-minute consult with you.

See you in the office!

-Dr. Kevin

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