My Favorite Things: Fall 2021 Edition

My Favorite Things

As we are heading into the winter, these shorter cooler days, I wanted to go over a few things that I have incorporated into my life. Some of these things I have gotten from patients and some just with my experience over time.

Heated Mattress Pad

One thing to make this hibernation time during the winter a little bit easier for me, as a California boy, is a heated mattress pad. It is just one of those little nice little luxury items.  It is amazing to get into a nice warm bed on a cold night. The way that we use it is we will put it on high (let it warm up), jump into bed, turn it off. It is just a beautiful little thing to get into a nice warm bed.

Sleep Number Bed

Speaking of beds, I cannot say enough good things about the Sleep Number bed. We have had ours for probably close to 10 years now. It has shown no signs of wear and is super comfortable. My wife and I can modify how much air pressure or how firm or soft our bed is from side to side. It is awesome! You should definitely check out the Sleep Number store at the North Shore Mall and see my buddy, Dan, there. They always have sale going on.

Perfect Pillow

Another question that people ask me a lot about sleeping is pillows. This came from a patient. It is awesome.! It is something that you can find on Amazon (all links included). It is nice because it is a little bit convertible as well. You can modify it to fit your body, your frame.

Cleaning or “Tidying Up”

As we are spending more time inside this is a great opportunity to clean and decluttering our lives, it can be an important part of harmony and comfort in our home. My wife and I, a few years back, bought a book by Marie Kondo and it is called The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. She has a great, systematic way of going through and decluttering your life. Now I must admit there is a lot of things that were extreme for me, which I have not embraced. But if all you did out of this book was embrace her idea of tailoring down the amount of clothing that you have. Then once you get into your ultimate clothing essentials you will learn how to fold them correctly so that they fit efficiently into your house.

Ninja Foodi

Now, the last thing I want to touch on is this new gadget that we bought. Now, Dr. Ryan and Kendra gave us an air fryer a couple of years ago. I was not sure what to think of it initially. It has become a huge part of our day-to-day cooking. From reheating things to heating things so that they are nice and crispy. We did upgrade just recently to a Ninja Foodi, which I believe does nine different things, pressure cooking, sous vide. It is an amazing way to cook. It is an amazing, quick and efficient way to cook. For a lot of us who have a smaller kitchen, we do not have a double oven, it is a nice way to add that extra heating element so you manage those holiday dinners. It has definitely been one of the most amazing kitchen additions that I have ever done. That is why I wanted to upgrade and maybe add a couple more things to that as well. It is amazing!

You can add all these things to your life this winter so you can relax, keep warm and eat health. If you guys ever have any questions about my personal recommendations on those things, certainly there’ll be some links with this video, but you can also call the office. We are at 978-927-8466. Talk to you soon.


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