And just like that…My NECK WAS SORE!


…And I didn’t even have fun getting it!

When we were young we had pain after doing something crazy, sports, something, something we could pin down as the source. Now we wake up in the morning and have pain “for no good reason”. You don’t know how many times I have heard “I didn’t do anything to cause this!”.


And that may be partially true.

When we wake with pain we try to think back over the recent history to determine where the pain came from. Most of the time it is blamed on a bad night sleep, again, maybe true. But what I find is that most insidious pain has an origin in our past. By the time we are three we have probably fallen over 1,000 times. Then we ride bikes, roller skates, sports etc. There may not be one big injury that happened in your past, but it could be the cumulative effects of multiple “micro-traumas”. And it can also be our daily bad habits.

In our history we spend time reviewing your “trauma” history so we can paint a better picture as to when and where this problem may have started. With history and x-rays we can get a pretty good idea as to when the pain started and that helps us come up with a treatment program that best fits your situation.

Are you a Phase 1? A Phase 2? Or even a Phase 3?

This is something can that only be determined by x-ray so that is an important part of our evaluation of your pain.

Along with specific chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue mobilization and strengthening are an important part of any treatment plan. All patients who start care in our office are given specific exercise to help compliment their chiropractic care.

My plan for stretching is the same regardless of which area we are working on. I incorporate 15 seconds of stretch, followed buy a 5 seconds contraction of the stretched muscle, and I repeat that three times.

We can also incorporate some soft tissue release using an Acumobility Ball.

To determine what the best course of action is your particular situation, we need to start with a thorough history and examination so we can get you the results you need. If you are new to our office mention this blog when you call our office at 978-927-8466 and you will receive a complete exam and x-rays for only $49, regularly $240.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Kevin

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