Back to School “kinda”

We are certainly living in some interesting times and have had to make some major adjustments, no pun intended, to our lives. I do have to say that in speaking to the many teachers and administrators that come into the office, it seems like our plans for returning to school are widely varied and many times confusing for all. Most children have some hybrid model where they are spending some time in class and some time at home. Most homes are not set up for a home office and if they are, they may be shared by parents as well. Making sure that our kids are comfortable and not working in positions that put stress on their bodies is important for attention and learning. I want to run through a few suggestions that may make home learning a little less stressful for our kids.


This can be a hard one depending on what most people have in their homes. I will say that the couch and coffee table my seem comfortable at first, there is not enough support to sustain prolonged learning sessions. I much prefer the kitchen area. Kitchen counter tops can be good for a stand-up desk situation, teach they a little home economics and have them do the dishes and clean their area first 😊.

The dining table is a good seating option as the chairs offer more support and options. If kids are using a laptop, consider getting a wireless mouse and keyboard so that the laptop can be raised so that the monitor is eye level helping them maintain better posture in their neck.

If possible, have kids transition between a sitting and standing position throughout the day.


PE/Gym was always my favorite subject! It is especially important to make sure that our kids are getting some physical activity to keep them engaged and to keep the blood flowing to their brains! Taking frequent brakes when appropriate is great, but make sure that lunchtime involves some movement. While the weather is still good try to get out and get fresh air as much as possible. If there are other kids in the neighborhood think about setting up a regular schedule of activities so that they have some peer-to-peer interaction as well.  There are a ton of great resources online for ideas.



Home Economics

Getting back to home economics. This is what they called cooking classes and such when I was a kid (a long time ago). Not sure what it is called now, but I have always thought that one thing we miss in the education process is basic skills that kids need to learn as they get older and more independent.

Cooking: find simple recipes and have your kids or help them make breakfast, lunch, and snacks. I grew up with two exceptionally good cooks and am happy to have acquired that passion. There are a ton of options for things that do not require heat or sharp objects if your kids are younger, but teaching them respect for those things at an early age in important. And who knows, you may get breakfast in bed some weekend.

And do not forget, if your kids complain of a sore neck or back because of the change in learning environment please give us a call to set something up. Young bodies heal quickly, but the longer we wait the more serious the problem can become. You can schedule an appointment any time by calling 978-927-8466. We will set your kids up for our discounted “back to school” exam only $49!

Please reach out to us with any questions.

Dr. Kevin

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