How Keto Helped Get My A1c to 5.8

30-Day Keto Challenge

WOW!!! This is not at all how we expected April to begin. All of us are locked inside, trying to keep ourselves busy, and trying not to eat everything in sight. I know some of my neighbors have talked about having breakfast, then a second breakfast, and so on… We, my wife Beth and I, have taken a different approach. Because I have adopted a low carbohydrate, ketogenic method of eating, I have been able to avoid the “quarantine 15.” Maintaining my diet and normal exercise plan, while also sticking to a schedule, has helped me to avoid developing bad habits. I have been “keto” for almost 2 years and will never look back. I have learned a lot over the past two years, and I want to take what I have learned and bring it to you in the form of a 30-Day Keto Challenge. But, before I get into the details, I want to tell you my story.

I Did Not Grow Up Wanting to Be a Chiropractor…

…in fact, I wanted to be a firefighter. After high school I enrolled in a fire science program at Butte College in Northern California. I was just about done with my first semester when I began to notice I was having some weird symptoms. I just happened to be studying diabetes in my health class, and so I easily recognized the symptoms I was experiencing as the ones associated with the disease. I went home immediately and went to see my PCP. He checked my blood sugar, said “Yep, you have diabetes” and then gave me a prescription for some medication. Hmm…okay…. So, my next step was to find someone who knew what they were doing! Fortunately, I found a good endocrinologist who proceeded to admit me to the hospital. Dr. Prendergast was a very progressive doctor, for the times, and was instrumental in starting me on the right path to controlling my diabetes. This said, my experience in the hospital was more about diabetes education and less about getting my blood sugar under control. This experience is what started me on the path to chiropractic medicine.

Katherine M. Federle, DC

I first saw Dr. Federle when I was 16, after getting injured playing football at Woodside High School. She was very good about educating her patients and I was very good about not paying attention. But, I guess something sunk in. She explained to me that health did not come from the outside, it came from within. And, if we were doing everything we could to support our spine and nervous system, with regular chiropractic adjustments, exercise, and nutrition, we had an opportunity to live our best life.

My lightbulb moment came when I realized what I learned in the hospital about caring for my diabetes and what Dr. Federle taught me about my true health, were the same thing. I knew at that moment that I wanted to be a chiropractor. I’ve been a diabetic for 32 years and, in that time, I haven’t experienced any of the complications commonly associated with the disease. I attribute my good health to the choice I made 32 years ago, to become a chiropractor.


…my a1c has always hovered in the mid- to high 7s which, for a Type 1 diabetic, isn’t too bad, but I wondered why I should have a lower standard for a1c than a non-diabetic? Why should I be okay with a situation that could lead to future complications? Well until 2 years ago, it was damn near impossible to get my a1c into the 6s let alone into the 5s, but with the ketogenic diet I have achieved that goal! My last a1c was 5.8.

Maybe you’re wondering, “But, I don’t have diabetes so what does this have to do with me?”

Leading Causes of Death in the US

  1. Heart Disease – caused by insulin resistance, high blood pressure and chronic inflammation.
  2. Cancer – fueled by sugar
  3. Accidents (unintentional injuries) – fueled my too much Mountain Dew and Monster Energy Drinks.
  4. Chronic lower respiratory disease – usually the result of lowered immunity and a lowered state of health
  5. Stroke – see heart disease
  6. Alzheimer’s Disease – people with insulin resistance have a greater risk of neurodegenerative disease
  7. Diabetes – no brainer
  8. …and so on.

Basically, what I am trying to say is, it is my opinion that the leading causes of death are all related to chronic inflammation and insulin resistance resulting from the standard American diet (SAD). Eating a low carb, ketogenic diet reduces inflammation and increases insulin sensitivity.

Please keep an eye out for more information regarding the 30-Day Keto Challenge. The program will launch in May with a workshop and live-streaming webinar. In addition to a detailed explanation of the benefits of maintaining a ketogenic diet, we will go into the “what, why, and how” of Keto. We will give you the tools to get started and give you the support you need to stay on track.

I am passionate about helping you achieve your personal health goals. Whether it’s to look better in a bathing suit or to finally achieve the level of health you were created for. I am looking forward to our journey and I am fully dedicated to helping you succeed.

Keep an eye out for next week’s blog where we will dive into a little more of the science behind the ketogenic diet. Until then, be well.

  • Dr. Kevin

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