How Do I Explain Chiropractic To My Friends and Family?

How do you explain Chiropractic to your Friends and Family?

We have a unique practice at In8 Wellness Center where patients have been under care with their families for years, some 19+. Chiropractic has become such a part of their lives that they can’t imagine not getting adjusted. There are some kids that can’t remember a time in their lives that chiropractic has not played a part. But even with these chiropractic veterans sometimes it is hard for them to explain their experience, or why they come in for their weekly adjustments other than they know they feel better when they are adjusted, and they can tell when they are subluxated. I get it! I get adjusted weekly because I know I function better when I get adjusted regularly and I know the importance of chiropractic above and beyond the “feel good” part, not that that isn’t enough. We pride ourselves on education in our office. Not just about the importance of maintaining a proper functioning spine and nervous system but also about all aspects of health and wellness. We frequently counsel our patients on exercise, nutrition and soft tissue mobilization techniques to improve function and quality of life. Our new patients have been through a thorough education process, our Better Results Faster Workshop and our consistent new patient education process. But let’s say it’s been a few years since you went through that process and while you are an “understander” it still may be hard for you to make a compelling case to skeptics about why you get adjusted.

Well…I am here to help!

November is synonymous with being thankful for all the gifts we have been given. Our family, friends, health, employment and much more. I know personally I am thankful for my loving wife, my amazing children, my family, my health and my awesome job where I get to help all of you on your wellness journey. This month we are having one of our referral campaigns. This month you have the opportunity to share your chiropractic experience with your friends and family while taking the potential barrier of cost out of the equation. Anyone you refer during the month of November can get a complete chiropractic consultation, exam and any necessary x-rays for $47. This is usually a $285 exam. This also includes their first adjustment. An awesome deal!

So depending on your audience here are some ways to explain the what and why of what we do.



“I have learned that it is important to move every joint in our body every day, that is what keeps it healthy. I know that this is especially important when it comes to the joints of my spine because if some get stuck, the discs dry up and I end up with problems. I have a physical job and I know that I put stress on my spine all the time so I going to get checked regularly to make sure that everything is working the way that it should, whether I have pain or not.”

Nervous system:

“My chiropractor taught me that everything in my body is controlled by my nervous system. For my heart to beat, for a cut to heal on my foot, I need an impulse that starts in my brain goes down through my spinal cord and out through the nerves to every tissue and organ in my body. I know that regardless of whether I feel pain or not there can be problems that put stress on my nervous system that can cause a lowered state of health. If I don’t feel well, I will get my nervous system checked to make sure that I have the best communication with my immune system so that my body can tackle any problems coming its way.”


“I use my chiropractor as a resource for all aspects of wellness. I know that if I’m struggling with restricted motion in my shoulder, I can go to them for an assessment and for some specific exercises to help with my problem. I know that they will also set aside special time for me to review my nutrition or any health-related concern that I have. And the good news is I don’t have to pay anything extra for the special visits.”

Everyone has different reasons for seeking chiropractic care. The bottom line is regardless of your reason we are all better off having a properly functioning spine and nervous system. And the only way to know if you have a proper functioning spine and nervous system is to get checked by a professional, a chiropractor.

In the upcoming days we will have coupons available in the office for you to share with your friends and family whom you think could benefit from chiropractic care. This will be an easy way to share the love. As always call us with any questions, 978-927-8466.

Yours in health,

Dr. Kevin

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