The Art of Nutrition

The Art of Nutrition

“To eat is a necessity, to eat intelligently in an art.” –  La Rochefoucald

 Proper nutrition has always been a big part of the chiropractic lifestyle. Over my 20+ year of practice I think I have seen it all. What I have found over those years it that there is not one nutrition plan that works for everybody. Most people have a pretty good understanding of what proper nutrition is and that grabbing a salad over a Big Mac is probably a good choice, but there is more to it than that.

If you have been following our blog you would know that I have been following the Ketogenic diet for the last couple months, and that is what has worked for me to achieve my goals, but that is not for everyone. I have been a little relaxed with my nutrition during the summer grilling season, but allowing myself those cheat meals (or cheat weekends) has helped me stay on track. One of my chiropractor friends recently posted an article on Facebook and the title was “ Eating Pizza Will Help You Lose Weight”. My first thought was, ok – what now. But this article spoke directly to my last point. People who have a plan but allow themselves some flexibility, end up staying on their diet and losing more weight then those who don’t allow themselves some slack.

Because nutrition is such a huge part of our practice and to the health of our patients we have added a new team member, Janet Esterkes, to handle nutrition in our practice. Janet is currently the lead trainer in our North Andover office and is leading nutrition in North Andover and Beverly. Below is an introduction from her.

The Nutrition Corner- Janet Esterkes

As a nutrition coach, my job is to educate my clients.  Very often people say to me “I know what I need to do” or “I eat really healthy.”  Hmm, then why are these the same folks that seem to be struggling with their weight, or can’t seem to achieve the look they want?

I think the push-back for hiring a coach is mostly ego driven.  No one wants to be told what to do, what to eat, how to eat it.  I can’t say I blame them.  Honestly, that’s not my role as a coach.  I love what I do, and I want to help as many people as I can achieve the results they long for.

Teaching people about their body, how it processes certain substances, and how to be mindful is some of what nutrition coaching is about.  Helping each individual I work with find the healthiest and most sustainable plan for them is what I strive for.  Watching them meet their goals through hard work is what keeps me motivated to be the best coach I can, and what keeps me moving forward in my own journey.

Janet is currently scheduling appointments in our Beverly office on Tuesdays. Please call that office and Eli will help you set up your appointment today.

Take the next step in your wellness journey.

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