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I have to thank The Ridge for today’s inspiration. And that inspiration comes in the form of simplicity. Being a chiropractor I have always tried to be conscious on my wallet, what I have in it, when I keep in etc.  I have had a number of different wallets over the years, but I am a big fan of the ridge wallet. Why, because of the simplicity of it. Card holder with a money clip, what else do you need. The wallet has forced me to keep things in a drawer that I do not need to carry with me on a daily basis, who needs to have 5 credit cards on them. Instead of keeping business cards, I take a picture of them and keep them in my phone. Less clutter, easier life. This link is what was sent to me and it has a short Ted Talk as well,

I have learn from Marie Kondo ( that the stuff in our lives needs to bring us JOY, or we should let it go. What we have may have brought us joy an one time, but if that time has passed then it is time to let it go. If you do nothing else that she suggests I would ask you to follow we recommendations on clothing. Take everything you have, literally everything out of drawers, off hangers from all over the house and put it in a pile in the middle of the floor. Then pick up each piece of clothing, shoes, etc. and ask yourself, “does this bring me joy”? If not let it go. Her method of folding is a game changer:

I am sure most of you have been to a place like Friday’s for dinner at some point in your lives. That menu is overwhelming!!! There are enough options to make your head spin – does that cause joy or confusion. My family and I went to The Market Restaurant in Annisquam last month, great place. At most they have 3-4 options for dinner entrees.  Simple, clean, easy!

Why do we think more is better?

We live in larger houses then our ancestors with what should be ample place for storage of our “stuff” but with things like Amazon we have all become hoarders. What do we do with the stuff we don’t have room for in our homes, we get a storage unit. Wrap your mind around this, storage units are a 22-billion-dollar industry. OMG, that is a lot of stuff. A lot of stuff that we either never use again and pay for the space or it ends up on Storage Wars (love that show). Now maybe a tiny home would not fit your lifestyle, but it makes you think. If you have ever wondered what those tiny homes really look like there is one on display a 7 Winter Street in Beverly (

KISS – Simplify your life and find a path towards Joy!

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