New Year, New You!

This is my first blog for 2018! It has been an amazing year and has flown by too fast. Many of you know this was a big year of change at FFC, now In8 Wellness Center. Many of you have been rock star patients for over a decade and I not only applaud you on your commitment to your health, but also your acceptance of change. Dr. Stephen, Dr. Camilla and Dr. Justin left enormous shoes to fill. We are blessed and honored to have taken over what they have built; one of the most amazing practices in the nation. Dr. Stephen and Dr. Camilla have offered to always be a resource for us as they are as committed to you now as they were when in active practice.

 Big Changes on the horizon!

As you all hopefully know by now, 2018 will be a year of BIG CHANGE at IN8. We are anticipating our big move to our new location on Enon Street in Beverly, starting the 1st of March. We have made some minor tweaks to our schedule that we feel will be a benefit to you at our new place. Kendra has been working tirelessly to make this happen and to make it an amazing space for all of us. Please keep an eye out in your emails for important information regarding our upcoming changes.

 I do know that some of these changes will be a challenge for some of you as we figure out our new schedules, but know that everything we are doing has been thought out carefully and is geared towards giving you, our patients, the best possible experience and care at our office.

 On to business – The Wellness Score.

 With all of us making some changes going into the New Year, myself included, we suggested that you take advantage of the complimentary Wellness Score. The Wellness Score gives us a good understanding of your health and allows us to tailor a plan to help you achieve your wellness goals for 2018. Some of our partner gyms like CrossFit 5+ have taken advantage of our InBody scanner as they start their transformation challenges for 2018. With the InBody scan (which is part of the wellness score) we can measure some valuable wellness benchmarks. Watch this video for more information:

Please call the office to set up your complimentary wellness score with one of our doctors!

We Value Your Input.

As we make these big changes it is important to hear from you. If you have any questions, concerns or positive feedback, please reach out. We want to make sure we are doing everything we can so that you get the most out of your experience in our office. We are always here for you. One of the benefits of our new schedule is that we have more consultation times during our week for one-on-ones with the doctor.

Email me directly with any issue, topics or challenges you would like to discuss: [email protected].


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