Dr Kevin’s 5 Ways To Avoid The Holiday Weight Gain

We are knee deep in the holiday season and there is still time to get ahead of bad holiday habits! 

Each year when holidays roll around, we all like to get a little something for ourselves when we are out shopping during the holiday season. A scarf, a pair of shoes or maybe some Patriots gear, but what most of us get for ourselves without fail is a 5+ pound weight gain. Then without fail one of our New Year’s resolutions is to lose that 5+ pounds we put on. So, what can we do? Here are some tips that I hope you find helpful. 

1. Plan

If you are going to a friend’s house for a party and you know that there will be a lot of different food options that may not be ideal, eat a sensible dinner before you leave. You know how it is never a good idea to go grocery shopping when you are hungry, well all this stuff is prepared and ready to eat. If you go in there with some good nutrition in your belly you will be less likely to eat foods that may not fit on your plan.

2. Survey the Room 

There is bound to be some good options for you at most parties. Look around. Veggie platters, meat and cheese plate, nuts and salad. Grab a plate, choose wisely, and try to stick to what you have been eating. Grazing can be a problem as you can easily overeat without even realizing it.

3. BYOF 

Bring Your Own Food. What better way to make sure you are sticking to your plan then to bring your own food. Maybe you have counted your macros and you know exactly how much you can have and then you don’t have to worry. There are tons of awesome recipes online to choose from so that you feel like you are indulging without overdoing it. 

4. Going Out?

Sometimes going out can be a challenge. Even when ordering a steak, you never really know what you will get. High end steak houses cover their meats with butter to help with the flavor. Add that to the fat the is inherently in meat and you may have your fat totals at one sitting. Not saying you can’t have the steak, but talk to your the waitstaff and most, if not all, can modify the order. Healthy options at restaurants are usually just an ask away. 

5. The “F” Word (the dreaded Fourth macro)

When we talk about macros in our office we are almost always talking about Carbs, Protein and Fat. But there is a fourth Macro, ALCOHOL. Maybe your Christmas Tree is not the only thing lit over the holiday (sorry?). Alcohols come is a close second to fats when we are talking about calories per gram. One glass of red wine can vary between 80-120 calories. If you are counting your calories, like most of us should, you need to think about how that extra glass (bottle) of wine is going to add to you total for the day.


  1. Protein 1 gram=4 calories
  2. Carbs 1 gram=4 calories
  3. Fats 1 gram=9 calories
  4. ETOH 1 gram=7calories

Another nasty thing about alcohol is that is that it will lower your inhibitions and help you make poor food choices.

Make good choices and don’t go in to the New Year looking like Santa.

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