Oh, My Aching Neck!

Society’s current workplaces and lifestyles put a lot of stress on our neck. If you also add car accidents and falls to the equation, we end up with some big problems.

Think about this: Based on physics, a 9.5-pound head shifted forward just 1.89″ now effectively weighs 27.4 lbs. instead of the original 9.5. That is a HUGE difference. 

Think about the amount of time we spend looking at our phones, laptops, PC’s. It typically equates to hours! So how does that effect our spine overall? A little more math here (sorry): When we have the three normal curves in our spine, cervical/thoracic/lumbar, our spine is stronger.

3² = 9, 9+1=10

What this means is that when we have our 3 normal curves our spine is 10x stronger. 

If we lose that one curve in our neck from forward head posture; 2² = 4, 4+1=5

OR To be more clear, we’re 50% weaker – That is HUGE! 

What this loss of curve does over time is it causes shortening, tension, in some muscles of out spine and lengthening/weakening of others. This muscular imbalance in our spine will cause it to remodel over time.

What does that mean? Your bodies innate intelligence will attempt to stabilize what it perceives to be a weakened structure, that is arthritis and degeneration.

Once the bones and discs in your spine have remodeled (bone spurs) due to this abnormal stress, there is no going back.  

Some early signs of potential neck issues can include: stiffness, soreness, loss of range of motion and pain. You may also experience weakness, pain, numbness or tingling into our arms, hands and fingers as a result of pressure on one of your cervical nerves.

Neck problems are also a common cause of headaches

So, what can you do? Get checked out by a chiropractor. Chiropractors are experts in spinal alignment and movements issues, this is what we do! But not all chiropractors look at things the same way.

At In8 Wellness Center we determine the CAUSE of your symptom, so we can CORRECT the problem.

How do we do that?

During an evaluation at our office we use a program called PostureScreen™ to take specific pictures of your posture to determine any abnormalities with your posture, specifically checking for any forward head posture.

We compare that with digital x-rays (if necessary) to get a clear picture of your specific spinal challenges. We also take you through a complete soft tissue assessment as well as movement and strength assessment to help determine any abnormalities. From there we sit down together to develop a unique plan of correction that will include specific spinal adjustments, corrective exercises, and teaching you ways to eliminate the bad habits that cause stress on our spine.

We also have massage therapy at In8 Wellness Center to help break down those adhesions and scar tissue that result from long standing postural imbalances.

Don’t waste another day worrying or wondering

Get the care you need today! Call Us at 978.927.8466.




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