Get Off the Iceberg: Covering Up Illness or Curing It

Have you ever wondered why so many people are struggling with chronic medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, pain syndromes, digestive disorders, etc.? 

Have you been sold the idea that this is “normal” and that our health and our bodies are prone to failure?  

Have you been taught that humans are designed to genetically express disease and dysfunction that require drugs and surgery later in life? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to keep reading. 

Let’s say one day you’re out for a walk one day in Antarctica.  All of a sudden, an iceberg that you find yourself on breaks off and you start floating away.  

This is not good. You are not dressed properly and after a while in the cold, a few things start to happen: 

  • Your physiology starts to change, because of your prolonged exposure to the cold. Your blood rushes away from your limbs and pools towards your core to keep your organs alive. The consequence of this is that your fingers and toes become very vulnerable to frostbite and start to die. 
  • Your peripheral vessels are constricted to keep blood away from your extremities and as a consequence, your blood pressure rises significantly. 
  • You start fumbling around with confusion, fatigue, disorientation and shivering out of control. 
  • Your breathing starts to slow to minimize oxygen consumption.    

The solution to your problem is a no-brainer, right? You need to GET OFF THE ICEBERG.  

But guess what? You decide to get medical attention from the United States health care system instead.  

When they find you, your toes and fingers are lacking circulation, so they give you blood thinners to “improve” circulation. Your blood pressure is also sky high, so they give you multiple blood pressure meds.  

 You seem extremely fatigued and not able to focus, so you get a prescription for Adderall and some sleep aids. Also, your oxygen levels are way low, so they hook you up to an oxygen tank.    

Boom! You’re cured, right? 

But wait. Did this intervention make you healthier?  

Of course it didn’t.  

I know this a ridiculous example of an acute stress, but guess what? This is not far from the truth when it comes to how we are treating most illness due to chronic stressors today.    

We are looking at the symptoms of a person exposed to a stressor, and using medications to artificially change this adaptive physiology. We are operating with the belief that the body is doing something stupid or genetically expressing “disease”.    

If you are expressing adaptive physiology or symptoms of disease, then you have to ask yourself how do I get off the iceberg?  In other words, how to I remove the stress that my body is intelligently adapting to.    

One of the most common examples of adaptive physiology are symptoms of metabolic disease from prolonged consumption of processed foods and sugar.  Your body adapts as best it can by raising your cholesterol, storing excess toxic blood sugar as triglyceride in adipose tissue, and raising your blood pressure to keep your organs perfused with oxygenated blood.  The common practice is to prescribe blood thinners, blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds, and possibly blood sugar meds like metformin.   

How do you get off the iceberg in this situation?  You eliminate the toxic processed foods or sugar and restore sufficiency by choosing whole nutritious foods.  

Toxicity and deficiency stressors can be found in 4 different categories:  

  1. Chemical: How you eat, what you are putting in your body or what your environment is exposing you to.  
  2. Physical: How you move and physically use your body. 
  3. Mental: How you think and cope with mental and emotional stress. 
  4. Sleep: How you are sleeping and recovering. 

At In8 Wellness Center Center our expertise is teaching our patients how to get off the iceberg by calculating your wellness score, looking at all 4 categories of your health, and correcting adaptive physiology with our incredible 8 Weeks to Wellness total lifestyle transformation program.  

Far too often we see patients struggling with serious metabolic and physical problems, and are sick of applying band-aids that only offer temporary solutions.  

Does any of this sound familiar to you? Maybe it’s time you face your reality by getting an accurate assessment of your health and finding out how we can help you get off and stay off your iceberg.     

Call our office at 978-655-4979 and schedule your wellness score today. Make sure you mention you found us online when you call, so we can give you a discounted rate on your first visit  







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